Milwaukee Beer Week is an event held each year in celebration of beer sampling throughout the greater Milwaukee area. For years this weeklong celebration has received a great response from Milwaukeeans. With more summer events consuming the schedules of an aging audience, the crowd has thinned. Additionally, the cost to produce event promo, schedules, & materials has sky-rocketed since the start of this beer extravaganza. Meanwhile, more distributors & bar locations are eager to become involved with hopes to extend their reach to an audience who have become known for, well, drinking!


We packed the house! After each annual event, we look back at our achievements by analyzing 360° of metrics. We landed this event on more calendars by launching an all-new website, completely updated the mobile app, some very "Milwaukee" creative, and delivered our message via a widespread social-focused campaign. We were able to surpass the client’s goals of increased awareness, reaching a younger (21 & over) audience. The event attendee numbers were increased by over 30% and ad budgets were met by transitioning costs of production to digital release. The event goers were super happy. Tweeting things like “the App rules, I can find my next destination in the dark” & “the App map saved my beer week”. Our efforts will be applied to Milwaukee Beer Week events for years to come.

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