concept envy press release
Design and brand agency Concept Envy has moved it’s office downtown to a new mixed use development on the Milwaukee River at the former Laacke & Joys site at 1433 N Water St. The decision was driven by the company’s desire for a fresh approach to coworking and collaboration. In addition to being able to
Consistent Brand Voice
As one of the top digital marketing agencies in Milwaukee, we can tell you that brand voice is one of the most important things you need to develop.  Brand voice is an extension of your brand personality. While what you say about your brand is important, how you say it is essential. It lets your brand’s personality and
why seo is important for business
Last month, Google implemented its June 2019 Core Update between June 3rd and June 8th. During that same period it implemented its site diversity update on June 6th. These events prompted a lot of discussion and speculation beforehand and the predictable hand-wringing and angst afterward. As usual, sites that lost traffic were trying to figure
Concept Envy Makes Milwaukee Home
Exciting news everyone! Concept Envy has relocated to downtown Milwaukee.  We are now at a new mixed-use development located along the Milwaukee River at the former Laacke & Joys site at 1433 N Water St. This decision was driven by our desire for a fresh approach to coworking and collaboration. And we aren’t the only
Concept Envy Press Release
As Concept Envy celebrates 10 years of helping brands develop their identity and digital marketing, the agency gears up to launch a completely new sports-focused marketing division. Waukesha, WI December 13, 2018 – Concept Envy was founded in 2008 by partners Zach Beaman and Migueal Lockhart. At that time the agency consisted of just 2 people working to develop

The Making of an Appetizing Brand

It’s said that people eat with their eyes first and foremost. This is why every cooking competition TV show you’ve has a “presentation” evaluation category. But, beyond presentation of the actual food or beverage being served, those in the industry must also consider how appetizing their brand appears to new consumers. What components make up

Meet Drake, Web Developer

In an effort to introduce you all to the Concept Envy team, we’ve been sitting down with members of the squad and asking them to tell us a little about themselves. This week, meet Drake, our Web Developer. Drake, can you tell us a little about yourself? It all started in the modern day Utopia
snap ads
Snapchat, a multimedia messaging app was developed in 2011 and has recently entered what we’ll call the “adolescent phase” of social media platforms. The kinks have been worked out, new features are being rolled out consistently, over 187 million users use the platform everyday and advertising was rolled out in 2016. However Snapchat advertising, Snap

Meet Rachel, Summer Intern

It’s officially summer time, which means it’s intern season! This week we sat down with Rachel, Concept Envy’s summer intern to have her us all a little bit about herself.   Rachel, can you tell us a little bit about yourself? Hi! My name is Rachel and I’m a hard-working, smiley, ambitious 20-year old originally
When we work with clients that are new to digital, we always recommend they create a website or, if necessary, upgrade their existing website to meet current best practices. Why do we do this? Because, according to Forrester, 95% of people use search to discover or find out about products. And 94% of people use
2018 has been a big year Facebook and it’s only just begun. With so many changes happening on the platform, one question we get asked quite a bit is how will this impact our digital marketing efforts? The answer may surprise you. First, what has Facebook changed? Facebook has rolled out several different changes over

Unicorns Work for Agencies

Here’s your hiring wish list: graphic designer, videographer, photographer, copywriter, brand strategist, social media expert, analytical guru, pay-per-click wizard. But you’re hoping to find someone who can do it all, right? Guess what? You want a Creative Director. The best Creative Directors don’t want to work for you. Professional marketers who can do everything under
Ever scrolled through Instagram to see #AD or #PARTNER in the first few lines of a photo’s caption? Well, guess what, you’ve been influenced. Influencer Marketing is the latest in digital advertising trends and it’s not going anywhere. Not sure what an Influencer Campaign is and why it should be in your marketing mix? You’re
In a world full of marketing buzzwords, Awareness Campaign seems to be a fan favorite. But most really don’t understand what’s entailed in Awareness Marketing and what it’s intended to do. Awareness Advertising is campaign messaging intended to educate and inform consumers about a brand, product or service. That’s it! If your goal is to

What Makes Brands Stick

Think back to your most recent retail experience. What store was it? What colors do you remember? Was there a specific scent to the store? How did it make you feel? Was there something you liked or disliked about the layout of the space? Have you interacted with that business since? Every image, sensation, and
Big Brands, Public Relations and Understanding Your Audience If you haven’t seen Pepsi’s ad starring Kendall Jenner you’re one of the lucky few. Released on April 4th, this 2-minute long video caused a backlash so loud that within 24hours Pepsi halted the rollout, released an apology and immediately dropped the ad like a hot cup
Disrupting Digital Marketing for Small Businesses At Concept Envy Advertising we’re a team of problem solvers. When presented with a new idea or opportunity to learn, we step up. Over the course of the past 9 years working with small businesses, attending local workshops, and agonizing through industry research, our team recognized a vital need
A Generation of Cable Cutters Digital marketing and consumer’s digital demands are constantly evolving. One of most commonly bucked traditions in today’s digital consumer base is the need for cable television. The trend is leaning, especially for many Millennials, to ditch the expensive cable package and opt-in for digital streaming services like Netflix, Hulu or
Breaking From Tradition – How to Simplify Your Marketing Message with 360 Videos Today in order to be seen brands must be disruptive. They must adapt to new technology and do it quickly. NASA, the organization that put the first men on the moon in 1969, is shaping up to a digital pioneer in the
Our Digital Marketing Team is Growing Concept Envy is excited to welcome its newest addition, Jessica Lee, as our Digital Marketing Manager! Bringing years of digital marketing experience the table, we’ve already seen Jessica hit the ground running building relationships with clients, getting her hands dirty with new projects, and laying the groundwork for an

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